Senior PHP / Web developer / Team Leader

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The best solution is in simplicity.



PHP 7+ (OOP, MVC) and MySQL 5 (ORM) deep technology know-how.


xHTML, CSS, jQuery, Backbone or Bootstrap best client side friends.


SEO, social networks (facebook, twitter) are the latest challenge.


Fast load is best way for success. We hate slow systems!


Easy usage is the best what we can give for our clients.


Only work for results can give amazing goal and happy ending!

Technical specifically

  • (x)HTML, CSS, Bootstrap
  • jQuery, AngularJS, Sass
  • Twig, OPcache, APCu Cache
  • SEO (black belt)
  • PHP (OOP, MVC, Symfony, ZF)
  • MySQL or MariaDB (Doctrine)
  • PHPUnit, Console
  • SMPP, Kannel, SOAP
  • Git, Phabricator, Ansible
  • Work by "Scrum", JIRA
  • LAMP, CentOS, OSX

Work experience

BnP Finance

Team Leader

2016.03 → now

Work details:

  • Organize of work for other team members to reach company goals;
  • Responsible for the company's IT infrastructure and software architecture (more then 10 big applications);
  • Engineer of the company front-end and back-end tools;
    • - one of the largest projects issuing loans online;
    • - a project for issuing loans to legal entities;
  • A few interesting things:
    • Automatic loans - up to 5 minutes automatic customer analysis and money transfer;
    • Risk services - scoring models with Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence;
    • In-depth business process analysis and real-time benchmarking;
    • DevOps - LAMP performance, migartions, profiler, new relic, sentry, rundeck and more;
  • Technical advisor:
    • - online customer identification through the latest technology;
    • Face, object and pattern recognition technologies;
    • Deep Learning, AI and Machine Learning technologies;
    • Smart ID, Mobile ID and other identification solutions;
  • Technology Stack: LAMP, Symfony, Composer, Bootstrap, Git, Twig, Arduino, Sass, PhantomJS;
  • Workflow: JIRA, Service Desk, Bitbucket, Tempo, Bamboo, 1 week / sprint;

Team Leader

2013.08 → 2016.03

Work details:

  • Organize of work for other team members to reach company goals;
  • Engineer of the back-end tools;
    • - one of the biggest Russian online shop who have more then 10K orders / day traffic;
  • Work with services:
    • Call center service - Zend framework, software for operators;
    • Affiliate service - Yii framework, commission count by rules for Lamoda partners;
    • eBay gateway service - Silex framework, sync. information between eBay and Lamoda services;
    • Other: Orders API (SOAP service), Deskpro widgets (AngularJS), Zendesk API & widgets;
  • Technology Stack: ZF, MariaDB, Nginx, Backbone, Bootstrap, Twig, Composer, Ansible deploy;
  • Workflow: JIRA, Stash, Tempo, Git, 2 week / sprint;

EVP International, UAB

Team Leader

2009.02 → 2013.08

Work details:

  • Engineer of SmartWEB (SOAP, RDMS, PHP4/PHP5), Symphony (ORM, MVC, PHP5) with source control management (Git, Mercurial);
    • - banklink, credit cards, SMS (short numbers) payment solutions (in Lithuania better know as;
    • - bulk SMS solutions for world wide (with API, DLR, SMPP);
    • - digital signature;
  • Backend system integration with banks (Swedbank, Seb, Danske and more), SMS payment partners and bulk SMS gateways;
  • Short number 1398 integration with mobile operators: Omnitel, Tele2 and Bitė (on Java SDK);
  • Work by “SCRUM” with JIRA, Phabricator, Webistrano;
  • System integration into other systems: Magento, PrestaShop, Open Cart, CS-Cart, Joomla, Wordpress, Shop-Script, osCommerce and other;
  • Organization of work, database and php logic, design, programming, development and implementation;
  • Technical & integration support;


Senior PHP / Java / Web developer - analytic

~2001 → 2013

Work details:

  • Engineer of the individual Content Management System (CMS);
    • - bill's online for small and medium business;
    • - bulk SMS gateway for Lithuanian customers (API);
    • - delivery service from or to Lithuania from or to other countries;
    • - shares and discounts;
    • - SMS gateway for all world (99% coverage, SMPP, API);
    • .. and more;
  • Engineer of the Android OS applications (on Java SDK);
  • Created about 100+ projects (all still work) and clients pay only when they are happy;
  • First projects (made in ~2001), (made in ~2002) and created project for my school -;
  • Cent OS, Linux, Mac OS X (ISPConfig or Directadmin, Apache or Nginx, PHP, MySQL or MariaDB, Cacti, Rabbit MQ, Git, Kannel, Ansible, OpenSSL, SSH and etc);

Informacijos luitai, UAB

Senior PHP / Web developer

2006.11 → 2009.02

Work details:

  • Engineer of the “iCMS” Content Management System (CMS);
    • - a site for people who love boat travel;
    • - building materials, finishes and constructional works;
    • - the best trip for the most attractive price;
    • - one of the most popular search engines for rural tourism, Lithuania;
    • - equipment for cafes and restaurants in large quantities;
    • - all useful information about Druskininkai city;
    • .. and more;
  • Engineer of the “iCRM” system (CRM);
  • Organization of work, database and php logic, design, programming, development and implementation;

Rinkos sprendimai, UAB

PHP / Web developer - system administrator

2005.08 → 2006.10

Work details:

  • Engineer of the “Seta” Content Management System (CMS);
  • Design, programming, development and implementation;
  • Surveillance of company's communications;
  • Management of FreeBSD servers and clients web applications;

Interprekyba, UAB

PHP / Web developer

2005.02 → 2005.08

Work details:

  • Engineer of the system (new features);
  • Engineer of the individual Content Management System (CMS);
  • Design, programming, development and implementation;


Lithuanian Educological University

Master of Informatics

2010.09 → 2012.06

Lithuanian Educological University

Bachelor of Informatics

2004.09 → 2009.06

Varėnos “Ryto” Secondary School

1991 → 2004



Native language: Lithuanian (excellent);

Foreign languages: English (good), Russian (good);

Additional training

Training after work & other education:

  • „Agile Turas Lietuvoje 2013“ at 2013 September;
  • „Advanced CQRS“ by Greg Young at 2011 November;
  • „Business process management“ at 2010 July;
  • „Employee assessment and competencies“ at 2009 June;
  • „Computer literacy credit“ at 2004 March;
  • „Young physicists school Foton“, finished first level at 2000;

Additional information

Location: Vilnius (Lithuania), Munich (Germany) or Chicago (US);

Driving license “A“, “B“ category. Experience from 2003;

Few minds in my blog:;

Markas Krasovskis — — +370 673 81100