My 2 first projects with PHP and MySQL in 2001 and 2002!

I found DVD disk with 2002 backup from server and I found 2 my first projects:

1. – this project was made in 2001, with PHP, JavaScript and etc. No MySQL, all data was saved in TXT file’s. That is my first internet project and it still looks very good!

2. – it was time, when Nokia 3310 was the best phone in the world, we also had GSM data transfer (PC at that time had 56K), but then came to Lithuania GPRS data transfer.. and also came Nokia 3510i! That was amazing phone, TFT color screen, very good battery and etc, so I buy this new phone and for him made WML (no xHTML support at that time) WAP site with HTML support for PC browsers (that works very good and now). This site had every night about 100-150 peoples online with phones and they talk in chat rooms, forums, PM messages and more.

Sorry, but site’s have only Lithuanian language support, but still, you can check how it looks in 2001-2002, amazing.

Then I open both sites.. it something.. I don’t know how to say, that was made about 10 years ago, at school, home.. is just fantastic. I will try to save for future.

CQRS it is good?

I was at event about CQRS by Greg Young and it is really good? Yes. I know where I can use that, but that helps only is specific places. I recommend events like that for all.

One of the best topic what I hear is “If call you your client and says: – I post comment, but he it’s not there, then say for client: – computer still working, just please wait”. I told it to our managers!

Och, pizza was great! Thanks Greg!